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Sry for being gone

hey ladies and gentlemen sorry ive been gone for the last 2 weeks but ive been busy.

im a try to be on more often and bring you more awesome vids and advise.

so submit your questions and comments and ill post them for all to see.

blackbeatnik said: Oh wow thanks for that! I actually went out and bought the board today but when i got outside i was like ok now what lol. i didnt want to overthink it but i wasnt sure how to start riding it. but i have been practicing keeping my balance. havent gotten it down just yet. I'll let you know when i start kicking/pushing

Thanks I put a lot of work into the answer I write back to people. Im glad someone is finding them useful.

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blackbeatnik said: I want to start longboarding and I was wondering if you had any advice for a beginner?

hey thanks for asking this i find that the first steps are very important. so the best tips i can give someone that is learning how to longboard is to have a little patience and not to try and rush yourself its not a competition.

now to actually useful advice is balance is key. the best way i have found to teach this is simple. set up on the board as if you are gonna kick and push. on the foot that on the board and try to balance on that foot while on the board. when u feel conferrable with standing on one foot on the board next try to kick and push. and when you push leave that foot out and try to keep your balance as you move on one foot.

i think this covers a very important point. something you should also make sure you remember not to place your foot on top of the 4 screws if i have a mini board your from foot should be behind the front for and your back foot (kicking foot) should be almost on the tail. on a regular longboard front foo behind the screws and your back foot in front of the back screws.

one last note is that after you kick and are trying to move your back foot onto the board you are twisting your body and not your front foot. place your back foot at a 90 degree angle to the board and then you twist your front foot to a 90 degree also. and to set up to kick you reverse the process.

i hope you find this useful and if you have any more question plz let me know. if you already feel you got these basics already let me know and ill tell you what i have people practice after they get a handle on these.

the velocity longboard - by Honey skateboards

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